Camping breakfast

Hi everyone,
Would you happen to have any suggestions for breakfasts for car campouts?
Our youngest patrol, Woodpeckers (girls 11-12; we have 9 of them so far), always eats scrambled eggs, pancakes, and bacon.
First, I would like them to try something new. Second, it takes forever to finish because they make and eat it like three different meals.
They start by cooking scrambled eggs and eat them, sometimes with cheese, to have some dairy. Then they cook pancakes and eat them with some fruit; and lastly, they cook bacon. It was never finished in less than an hour, and then they needed to clean everything up afterward. I think it is because they are trying to cover all five meal groups (and they like turkey bacon). They cook all of these individually because they do not have enough space to do them all at once.
So, something quick, one pot/pan (preferably), and delicious :slight_smile:
Thank you very much.
Ivana Brezinská
T19 Tuckahoe

Hi Ivana,

If you’re looking for something that can be ready to eat quickly with minimal mess or clean up, then one of the go-to’s in our troop–whether car camping or backcountry–is bagels with peanut butter and/or cream cheese. The pre-packaged store bought bagels will keep for several days on a hiking trip as will the peanut butter (or the equivalent if you need to avoid nut butters). Cream cheese is usually ok for at least 24 hours, but if you’re car camping, then you can keep in a cooler.

Another one we use often is instant oatmeal. The individual Quaker Oats packs (and maybe other brands also) are designed so you can pour water into the packet and eat right out of it so you don’t need bowls and no clean up afterwards. Again, works well for car camping or backcountry.

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Removing bacon from the menu goes a long way toward easier cleanup. Pre-cooked bacon could be a compromise. For car camping french toast hits a sweet spot; it’s good and not terrible clean-up.

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