Join the Campmaster Corp and Earn a Free Weekend of Camping for Your Unit at Durland or Bullowa

The Campmaster spends the weekend at camp, checks in and out units, acts as the point person for the units during the weekend, and helps provide a positive experience for all our scouts at camp.

  • This allows our Camp Rangers to continue working during the weekends to improve our camps.

  • Campmaster Training is available at no cost.

  • Indoor accommodations are provided for the Campmaster(s).

  • Your Scout is welcome to spend the weekend with you as well.

Here’s how to earn the free campsite(s) for your unit:

  • Any unit, or linked units, who provide a campmaster(s) for 3 full weekends over a 12-month period will earn a free campsite, or lean-to site, at either Durland Scout Reservation or Camp Bullowa.

  • A full weekend for Campmastering is considered Friday 5pm until Sunday 10am (start & finish times can only be altered at the discretion of the Ranger).

  • The 3 weekends can be done by an individual from a unit or a combination of unit leaders.

  • Service time can be from a combination of both Durland Scout Reservation and Camp Bullowa.

  • The free camping site must be used by the end of the camping year following completion of service (e.g.: 3rd weekend is May 2024. Campsite must be used by June of 2025).

  • There are no restrictions on how many free camping sites a unit can earn.

How to reserve your free campsite:

The free camping site or lean-to site can be used any weekend when the camp is open, during a non-event weekend. Please check the availability first for the date and campsite you would like by going to: htps://

Dates must be booked in advance by sending this information to We cannot refund fees for your free weekend if you book them yourself online.

For further information you can contact volunteers:

John Graesser – Camp Bullowa Lead Campmaster at or

Chris Alba – Durland SR Lead Campmaster at

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