Last-Minute Klondike Guidance

Good afternoon, Algonquin Troop leaders. For those planning to attend Klondike this weekend, take note of the forecasted very cold weather. Please remind scouts to dress for the weather, including a warm coat, warm hat, warm gloves/ mittens and warm socks and warm boots. Bring an extra pair of socks. Dress in layers. We will have hot chocolate available all day as well as a warming fire at headquarters, We will also have hot soup served during the lunch hour. In addition, the bathrooms are heated. We will also be bringing extra hand and toe warmers for anyone who might need them available at headquarters. Please remind scouts to bring their own mugs/cups for hot chocolate. Please dress warmly and let’s have some fun.

A few reminders:

  • Registration and sled inspections start at 8 AM
  • There will not be a toxic waste station.
  • Patrols need to complete a total of ten stations. If they complete all 11 skilled stations, we will count their highest 9 scores.
  • All patrols must complete the Patrol Inspection
  • Please remind patrols that they need to bring a gallon of water that after inspection they will bring to headquarters. The water will then be used to make the hot chocolate.