MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD! What would you like to hear more about at our Southern District Roundtables?

Hi everyone, thank you to all who joined our Roundtable on Monday, Oct 2nd!

We need your feedback and voice to continue to improve our agenda!

*- What topics were most valuable to you? *
- What would you like to see us bring forward in the future?
- What advice would you give us to make the time together more valuable?

“Feedback is a gift”! Thank you in advance for your ideas and input!

Thanks for kick-starting the discussion, Jon. I’ll venture an idea :slight_smile:

I’d love to hear about Eagle Scout projects in our districts. What projects are getting approved? Who are the beneficiaries? Are there any organizations or institutions with “shovel-ready” projects?

I like that Ray. Would this be a troop breakout topic or one for the full RT? Also, do any speakers/experts come to mind? Thanks!