Which winter sled pulling event are we supposed to attend?

Confused pack leader here - council calendar lists:

Webelos Eskimo Run 1/20, FDR park
Council Webelos Klondike 1/27, Durland
Bullowa Klondike 2/3, Durland

A few others…

Which one is a pack from Southern districts supposed to attend?

The short answer is that you can attend any of them with your Webelos.

The longer answer is based on the history of the events. In the legacy Westchester-Putnam Council, the districts had Klondikes for the Scouts BSA, and the Council ran a Klondike for the Webelos from the whole Council. In the legacy Hudson Valley Council, the districts ran the events, many of which were combined Scouts BSA/Webelos. When the Councils merged, we were left with a mish-mosh of events, which gives more options.

Historically, the southern district Webelos would have been going to what is called the Council Klondike, but things are getting more mixed as time goes on. It would be great to go to the Council event, but if another works better for your Pack, do that one.


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As @wjgeller points out, units are free to attend any of the published Klondikes. There’s been a bit of a “rebranding” of events throughout the Council. The FDR Klodike was formerly called the Southern Districts Klondike; that’s the one Algonquin units have traditionally attended.